Children, age 5 by September 30, are eligible for full-day kindergarten, which provides a safe, nurturing learning environment and education of the whole child.  Faith formation is woven through the entire day to develop the children’s love of God.  Each child’s self-image is fostered so that each child can appreciate himself as a wonderful person created by God.
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Academically, the focus is on introducing skills needed for successful reading and writing, skills used to communicate, and math concepts that will lay the foundation for future learning.

The Responsive Classroom approach is used to encourage children to make choices, act responsibly, and work cooperatively.  Kindergarten children grow in learning, so they can work independently, follow directions and increase their attention span.  class size is limited to 25 students per class.

The kindergarten curriculum is designed to prepare the student for first grade. The program is developmental, dealing with all areas of growth:

  • spiritual
  • social
  • emotional
  • language
  • physical.

Academic highlights include:


Kindergarten students begin to understand and appreciate God’s goodness in creating them and the world. Students learn about God through Bible stories and projects.


Language Arts

Children receive varied experiences in reading and writing, auditory and visual perception, and language development.  With these skills, children gain the foundation for all future learning.  St. Agnes utilizes the multi-sensory program, Orton-Gillingham, to teach reading.



Students use a “hands on” approach of guided and free exploration of materials along with questioning and independent experiences.  Topics covered include shapes, counting, patterns, addition, subtraction, graphing, measurement, and money.


Social Studies

Children learn about people, jobs, citizenship, holidays, maps and customs.



The Science program follows a discovery and problem-solving approach.  Using all five senses, children learn about living and non-living matter, weight, space, weather and seasons.  Fun units, such as insects and dinosaurs, will be included, depending on the interest of the students.


St. Agnes kindergarten teachers meet with the rising kindergartners in the spring to administer the Brigance kindergarten readiness assessment, while the parents meet with the Principal or Vice-Principal.