Students’ Perspectives

Written by Matthew Podratsky,

St. Agnes Class of 2021

My ten years at St. Agnes have undoubtedly prepared me for high school and beyond., particularly because of its unique community. Teachers go the extra mile and put students above themselves. I especially saw this  in the past year. We are happy to be in school, in-person, learning as we always have – albeit with masks, temperature checks, and desks at a distance. They incorporate religion into every class, teaching us ethics, morals, and social justice.  There are also many little things about St. Agnes that I like, ranging from school-wide pep rallies and jersey days to a haunted house at Halloween, St. Nicholas’ treats in our shoes before Christmas, and the Living Stations before Easter. As I wind up my time here, I know that I will miss St. Agnes’s amazing community.

Written by Avery Curry,

St. Agnes Class of 2021

Even though I’ve only been at Saint Agnes for four years, it’s become a significant part of my life and future. All the faculty, staff, and students and their wonderful attitudes make me eager to come to school and learn something new everyday. Not to mention, the outstanding faith-filled religion classes, Fr. Saunders, and Fr. McShurley bring everyone closer to the Catholic faith and God. The community is full of wonderful people that are always willing to be a friend or help me whenever I need it. I’ve made terrific friendships that will probably last for years into the future. I have learned so much from this amazing school and hope that everyone here appreciates it as much as I do.

Academic excellence in a Christ-centered community

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