In 4th and 5th grade, students take the step towards more independent learning by changing classes and teachers for some academic subjects. Teachers work with students to develop their organizational skills, their work and study habits, as well as the students’ love of learning.  Teachers collaborate to create continuity and build on those skills taught across all subject areas.

Highlights of the Intermediate School:

  • Growing in one’s faith and service to others are the cornerstone of daily Religion classes. Topics include the Beatitudes, components of the Mass, the Ten Commandments and the lives of the saints.
  • Students work on developing strong writing skills by participating in the Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop with a continued emphasis on grammar
  • Students work on reading comprehension skills by reading and analyzing various literary genres
  • 4th grade students focus on Virginia history, Colonial Jamestown and Williamsburg, and present the famous Virginians’ Wax Museum
  • 5th grade students focus on World Geography studying the seven continents. Students also undertake a cross-curricular project about a world- famous landmark.  Students demonstrate what they have learned by writing a research paper, creating a display board and building a model about their chosen monument, all on exhibit at the History Fair.
  • Students work on science and the scientific method by participating in hands-on labs in the classroom that includes earth science and physical science. Students also study life science.