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All faculty members are accredited by the Commonwealth of Virginia or the Virginia Catholic Education Association, and 70% of teachers hold post-graduate degrees.  The diverse faculty speaks 7 languages and includes dedicated music, art, Spanish, and computer teachers. Teaching teams meet weekly to share strategies and best practices, many of which are gleaned from professional development opportunities funded by the Parent-Teacher Organization. The Saint Agnes community is committed to retaining and attracting teachers with strong academic and professional credentials who believe in the vocation of teaching in a Catholic school. Contact a member of the staff or faculty via email by using first initial and last name. For example, contact Mrs. Kris Carr at kcarr@saintagnes.org.


Principal Mrs. Kris Carr, kcarr@saintagnes.org Kris has been a member of the Saint Agnes community for over 25 years as a parent, substitute teacher, guidance counselor, and principal. 
Assistant Principal Mrs. Jennifer Kuzdzal, jkuzdzal@saintagnes.org Jennifer is a huge proponent of Catholic education and has taught in the Dioceses of Arlington and Washington, as well as Fairfax County. Jen’s focus is on working with the teachers and curriculum. Mrs. Kuzdzal has two daughters. One of her daughters graduated from Saint Agnes and her other daughter currently attends Saint Agnes.
Office Manager Mrs. Maureen Egan, megan@saintagnes.org Maureen has been connected with Saint Agnes for many years. Her two children both graduated from Saint Agnes and attended Catholic high schools. Maureen also runs the Summer Camp program.
Secretary Michelle McGrath, mmcgrath@saintagnes.org Michelle is married to a Saint Agnes graduate and has three sons who have graduated from Saint Agnes.


Resource  Dr. Terri Eichner, Director
Ms. Amanda Fallon
Mrs. Jordan Bradley
Library Mrs. Kara LaGrassa
Technology Mrs. Kristen Filpi (Grades K-4)
Mrs. Clare Bournigal (Grades 5-8)
Music Mrs. Judy Smith
Band Mrs. Susan Findley
P.E. Mrs. Carey Tynan
School Nurse Mrs. Heidi Capelli
Counselor Ms. Genevieve Coleman
Extended Day Mr. Lloyd Miller
Playground Supervisor Mrs. Linda Fettig
Maintenance Mr. Vanna Sary

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Pre-K Mrs. Megan Welsh, Mrs. Madeline Lawson
Mrs. Gracelin Emmanuel, Mrs. Kathy Hofer
Mrs. Dawn Timothy, Mrs. Beth McFadden
Kindergarten Mrs. Colleen Vorbach, Mrs. Maria Khorsandi
Mrs. Anne Nimey, Mrs. Diane Engebritson
Kindergarten – Spanish Sra. Carmen Chiappetta

Primary School (Grades 1-3)

Grade 1 Mrs. Dimple Sharma, Mrs. Lori Hall
Ms. Caroline Criqui, Mrs. Kathy Jackson
Grade 2 Ms. Mary Anne Kenealy
Ms. Mary Kay Soos
Grade 3 Ms. Victoria Strange
Ms. Allison Ratliff
Art Mrs. Cathleen Ueland
Spanish Sra. Carmen Chiappetta
Computer Mrs. Kristen Filpi

Intermediate School (Grades 4-5)

Grade 4 Mrs. Meg Lutovsky
Ms. Kate Siemon
Grade 5 Mrs. Cathlene Shearon
Mrs. Grainne Humphries
Art Mrs. Cathleen Ueland
Spanish Sra. Sophia Dewechter
Computer Mrs. Kristen Filpi  (Grade 4)                                Mrs. Clare Bournigal (Grade 5)

Upper School (Grades 6-8)

Grade 6 Mrs. Lee Morris
Mr. Sean Sullivan
Grade 7 Mrs. Clare Bournigal
Mrs. Sara James
Grade 8 Mrs. Monica Balroop
Mrs. Jennifer Kuzdzal
English/Lit Mrs. Monica Balroop (Grade 8 Language Arts)
Mrs. Lee Morris (Grade 6 Literature and Grade 7 Literature and Language Arts)

Mrs. Sara James (Grade 6 Language Arts)
Mrs. Jennifer Kuzdzal (Grade 8 Literature)
Algebra Mrs. Clare Bournigal
Math Mrs. Monica Balroop (Grades 6, 7 & 8)
Mrs. Clare Bournigal (Grades 6 & 7)                  Mr. Ian Handerhan (Grade 8)
Religion Mrs. Sara James (Grades 6 & 7)
Fr. Rich Miserendino (Grade 8)
Science Mr. Sean Sullivan
Social Studies Mrs. Cathleen Ueland
Latin I Mr. Ian Handerhan
Art Mrs. Martha Gaudet
Spanish Sra. Sophia Dewechter
Computer Mrs. Clare Bournigal