Frequently Asked Questions

All new families at Saint Agnes receive a copy of
Saint Agnes A-to-Z
which is the unofficial list to help answer questions parents often ask. Updated each year, this document includes information about everything from All Saints Day
to Volunteer Opportunities.

Where is Saint Agnes located?

Saint Agnes Catholic School is located in Arlington’s Cherrydale neighborhood at 2024 North Randolph Street.
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What are school hours?

School is in session 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. with these exceptions:

  • Dismissal on Friday is 2:15 p.m.
  • Periodic early dismissal is 11:30 a.m.
  • Dismissal for Pre-K 3 is 12:15 p.m.

What age can my child start at Saint Agnes?

Saint Agnes accepts children age 3 by September 30 for the Pre-K (preschool) program and children age 5 by September 30 for Kindergarten.

How large is Saint Agnes Catholic School?

Saint Agnes enrolls approximately 460 students in Pre-K (preschool for children age 4) through 8th grade. There are two classes per grade with average class size of 24.  The school campus includes two classrooms per grade, gymnasium, library, computer lab, science lab, and administrative offices.  Outdoor space includes a playground and large paved sport court.

Are the faculty licensed?

All faculty members are accredited by the Commonwealth of Virginia or the Virginia Catholic Educational Association. The majority of the faculty (70%) either hold or are pursuing masters degrees.  Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade each have a teacher and full-time aide in each classroom.

I work full-time. What kind of after-school care is offered?

Saint Agnes offers Extended Day services both morning and afternoon. Extended Day hours are 7-8 a.m. and 3:15-6 p.m. Extended Day is available for all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Pre-K children are eligible for Pre-K after care (12:30-3 p.m.) and Extended Day afternoon hours (3:15-6 p.m.); Pre-K children are not eligible for Extended Day morning hours.

My son requires daily medication. Can Saint Agnes accommodate him?

Saint Agnes has a full time registered nurse on staff who can check and administer medications as necessary.

My daughter is in the Gifted and Talented program at her current school. What kind of challenging coursework can Saint Agnes offer her?

All teachers at Saint Agnes offer differentiated instruction to accommodate students who need additional challenges or support. Students are routinely assessed or pre-tested for specific subjects or areas of study and grouped accordingly.  The Primary School teachers incorporate activities for small groups as well as centers for instruction. The Upper School teachers often use long-term projects to challenge students and encourage them to explore topics or themes that are new, interesting, and challenging.

How do I know my child will be safe at Saint Agnes?

Saint Agnes takes the safety of its children as paramount importance, including conducting a physical safety review of the entire parish in spring 2011.  All school entrances are numbered in accordance with standard Arlington County Fire Department requirements.  School doors are locked and gates are closed while school is in session. Visitors must sign in at the Main Office. Children are released only to their parents or approved emergency contacts. Saint Agnes has an extensive emergency preparedness program that faculty and staff exercise frequently.

I am looking for a school and church community that will be at the center of my family’s activities. Is this the kind of community that Saint Agnes offers?

Many parents state that the sense of community at Saint Agnes is one of its strongest assets. Most families live within the parish boundaries; in fact, many families live within walking distance of the school. In nice weather, the school playground is crowded after school and on weekends with school and neighborhood families. After-school activities – including sports, clubs, scouting, and enrichment programs – continue the connections formed in school. And family social events such as the parish picnic, Lenten soup suppers, and family movie night, serve as terrific community-building events. The PTO fosters a true sense of community with social events including back-to-school cocktail parties and the annual fundraising auction.

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