The curriculum at Saint Agnes Catholic School focuses on educating the whole child by developing Catholic values along with the knowledge and skills necessary for spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and physical development. Along with a focus on academics, students also receive a strong foundation in the Catholic faith and commitment to serving others.

Saint Agnes uses a Balanced Literacy approach to teaching throughout the Primary, Intermediate and Upper Schools

  • In the Primary School, this means a comprehensive program of language arts acquisition that includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. This approach includes teaching phonics, grammar skills, reading and comprehension strategies, and writing forms and skills.  To learn more about Balanced Literacy in the Primary Grades, click here.
  • In the Intermediate School, students will develop the creative use of imagination through inquiry based learning.  Students will model and develop study skills that will foster independence and advocacy in our Upper School and will have an emphasis on ServiceLearning.
  • In the Upper School,  the Balanced Literacy approach addresses a specific topic from complimentary perspectives.  For example, students study ancient Greece by learning about customs and traditions in social studies, reading “The Iliad” in literature, and creating a Greek artifact in art.

Teachers incorporate differentiated learning, small group activities, individualized assessments and instruction, group projects, and many other unique approaches to meet students’ academic needs.  The “one size fits all” approach is a thing of the past.  The Upper School incorporates a weekly session dedicated to learning study skills; students learn how to prioritize assignments, establish schedules for long-term projects, and manage their schoolwork in addition to extracurricular activities.

Saint Agnes adheres to the Diocese of Arlington Curriculum Guidelines.

Learn more about Saint Agnes Catholic School Curriculum.

Core subjects include:

Religion Educating children in the fullness of Catholic faith.
Language Arts Reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Mathematics Understanding and applying quantitative skills and solving real-life problems.
Science Developing scientific inquiry skills; maximizing hands-on learning to explore, discover, and experience the universe.
Social Studies Understanding rights and duties of citizenship; arts and cultures of past and present; geography and environment; global solidarity and respect for differences.
Spanish Developing grammar and conversational skills to increase knowledge of practical and technical aspects of Spanish.
Latin I The results of the student’s study of Latin is improved knowledge and understanding of both English vocabulary and grammar, an expanded understanding of the relationship to the ancient world to his or her own, and appreciation of other foreign languages and cultures.

Additional special subjects include:

Art Learning about the elements and principles of art, how art reflects culture, and how it impacts the everyday world.
Computer/STEM Keyboarding, basic operating systems, and mainstream office applications provide a solid foundation in computer skills.  Also STEM projects including coding & engineering.
Library Developing mastery of basic library skills utilizing modern library facilities.
Music Studying composers and music history helps increase student appreciation of music.
Physical Education Focusing on fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Special Events throughout the year highlighting students’ achievement include:

Spring Musicals Students perform a spring musical.
Third Grade State Fair Displays by 3rd Grade students include interwoven themes of history, science, geography and fine arts.
Fine Arts, History,
and Science Fairs
More advanced displays and presentations by Upper School students.
Eighth Grade Events Our eldest students participate in the Diocesan Shakespeare Festival and lead the entire student body in the annual Christmas Prayer and Living Stations of the Cross.
Spelling, Geography,
and Religious Bees
Competitive events to showcase students’ knowledge, test-taking, and public-speaking abilities.
Music Events showcasing musical talent include the annual Spring Concert and end-of-semester band concerts.
Physical Education Students are tested using the Presidential Fitness standards.

Academic excellence in a Christ-centered community

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