Saint Agnes has a Resource Program led by a full-time resource director, Dr. Terri Eichner, who is available to confer with teachers, parents, and students in academic matters.

The resource program offers:

  • individual and small-group academic remediation and enrichment
  • in-classroom instructional assistance and accommodations
  • standardized testing accommodations
  • referrals to public school and private academic evaluators, when necessary

Academic instruction includes the use of multisensory strategies and learning activities to engage students of various learning levels and academic capabilities to achieve success and excel in the classroom.  Instructional lessons are delivered with the use of short-throw projectors, online learning resources including Lexia Reading Program and IXL Math Program, Brainpop, Flocabulary, Kahoot, Quizlet, and numerous other interactive learning websites.  Classroom teachers employ differentiated learning strategies including direct instruction, flexible grouping, guided reading groups, cooperative learning centers, Orton-Gillingham Multisensory reading instruction, science laboratory experiments, and hands-on math activities using physical and virtual manipulatives.  Teachers work in instructional teams which encourage cross-curricular opportunities.

Technological resources include use of iPads and chrome books in every classroom.  Some students receive specialized equipment such as pencil grips, sensory tools, active seating cushions/chairs, fidgets, visual timers, under- desk cycles, audiobooks, speech to text software, and electronic graphic organizers.  An extra set of textbooks are sometimes provided for use at home.   Teachers are very aware of the special learning needs of students, and individual attention is provided to support student achievement.

St. Agnes School works diligently with parents to ensure that students receive the extra attention and care they need to be successful.  Student Assistance Plans (SAPs) including accommodations are written for students with special learning needs as documented through private evaluations.  Parents, teachers, and school resource teachers also frequently work with Arlington County Public Schools resource personnel to develop, implement, and update Service Plans as provided through the public school system.